Silver jubilee of Kloyosikplem festival marked in Yilo

History was made last Saturday in Yilo when the Konor of Yilo Klo, Oklepemɛ Nuer Anorbaah Sasraku II,  and the people successfully organized a grand durbar to mark the climax of the Silver Jubile celebrations of the Kloyosikplem festival. The grand durbar, which was massively attended, saw a display of the rich Krobo culture and tradition. The Konor, Oklepemɛ Nuer Anorbaah Sasraku II, thanked all who played diverse roles in his installation as Konor for the traditional area and all who also made it possible for this year’s festival to come on successfully and peacefully. He called for unity among the chiefs and people. “We have no place to go apart from Yilo. Let’s all come together to develop Yilo Klo. We will live in peace, and develop Yilo Klo,” he told the gathering. “I will not disappoint Yilo Klo in my reign as Konor of Yilo Klo. I pray to God to enable me to always humble myself in my reign as Konor, and also listen more to Him God for directions, and also listen to my people.” He said Yilo Klo will be transformed within three years. Present at the ceremony were queenmothers. Oklepemɛ Nuer Anorbaah Sasraku II extended an olive branch to the paramount queenmother. “If she is ready to see me as his son, am also ready to see her as my mother. And we will live together as Mother and son. I give her my respect and honour,” he pledged, calling on “all Chiefs and queen mothers who have gone into the backgrounds must come on board so that together, we drive Yilo Klo forward”. Representatives from the Manya-Klo Traditional Council were fully present at the festival. Leading the delegation from Manya-Klo was the State Linquist, Otsame Narh Huapoyu II. The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for Yilo Klo, Ebenezer Kupualor, and the MCE for Lower Manya-Klo, Simon Kweku Tetteh, were both present. Representatives from Shai (Sɛ) Traditional Area were also present. The Dodowa Numɛsi Divisional Chief, Okukrubuo, was present

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A champagne was popped to mark the day, which coincided with the birthday of the paramount chief. Popping the champagne were the two MCES with the Chief from Shai, Okrukubuɔ, led the singing of the happy birthday song. The festival is celebrated annually as a remembrance of the forceful eviction of the Krobos from the Krobo Mountain in 1892. Source:|Ghana ]]>