SIC to meet management of GCB over burnt Kantamanto branch

The State Insurance Company (SIC) has said it will promptly pay GCB its claims after the Kantamanto branch of the bank was gutted by fire last Saturday.

SIC officials have been a meeting with GCB management to ascertain the level of destruction.

Head of Corporate and Special Risk at SIC, Emmanuel Simpiney-Mensah said “SIC is the biggest insurance company in this country, and we have been giving protection to Ghana Commercial Bank for long. We have started responding. We don’t wait for 24 hours.

“We were here yesterday, and we are here today too so this is part of the response process. We are meeting management very soon, and then we will move on.

“You see what is happening is that they can only tell us what has got damaged. So we cannot estimate until they have brought us their estimation but be rest assured that, when it comes SIC will be there to clear it off for them to continue with where they were before the loss,” he told journalists Monday.

By Laud Nartey||Ghana

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