Shw3: Shatta Wale drops ‘diss’ song for Arnold Asamoah; Fan calls it trash

Shw3: Shatta Wale drops 'diss' song for Arnold Asamoah
Shatta Wale, Shw3

Shatta Wale is throwing more jabs at Arnold Asamoah inside what he does best- music. The dancehall artist dropped a new song, Shw3, for one entertainment journalist.

In the hook, Shatta Wale says,“ What be your problem, entertainment journalist? For where? Who bi you? See face, see shoe?”
A post on Facebook has described the song as ‘Pure Nonsense’ and ‘Very Empty’. The Facebook post also detailed why a Ghanaian artist has not won a Grammy award yet. It said that there is no proper planning for music in Ghana.

He wrote, “Do you now understand why some of our “A” list musicians can’t win Grammy? Just use Shatta as an example; You had banter with a fellow … the next day or two, you drop a “Useless” tune. (A diss song) For who to listen? There’s no proper planning for music here in Ghana again! Everything has become nyamaaaaa! I just want someone to explain the Logic in this track. Pure Nonsense…and very Empty!.
Yet we shout, Ghana to the world!

Entertainment journalist Arnold Asamoah and Shatta Wale clash on TV after calling the dancehall artist confused and inconsistent. Shatta Wale did not take it lightly and insulted Arnold back. He mocked his shoes. And according to Shatta Wale, Arnold lacks the funds to live a good life and build a house.

By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana

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