Reggie Rockstone was intimidated by my father’s position as a former President – Dr. Zilla Limann

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Reggie Rockstone

Wife of legendary Hiplife musician Reggie Rockstone, Dr. Zilla Limann has recounted some fond memories of her initial dating stages with her husband, Reggie Rockstone.

Dr. Zilla Limann in an interview with Blakk Rasta on 3FM said her husband was initially intimidated by the fact that his father, Dr. Hilla Limann who was still alive by then was an ex-president.

According to her, Reggie Rockstone however, did not allow that to discourage him but thread cautiously and was careful.

“I can assure you that was quite intimidating because it is not every day that you meet a former president’s daughter and you are just going to court and marrying her. That was very intimidating and he will tell you that trip to Gonu in the Upper West close to the border was no joke at all because you would have to make it if you wanted to marry the president’s daughter,” she narrated on Black Pot on 3FM.

She noted that Reggie is her perfect match although they both have their differences and cannot imagine marrying any other man than Reggie.

“I don’t think I would find any better match than Reggie Rockstone not to say that we don’t have our differences but we settle it when it matters. There is no better partner than him. And most people don’t know we went to the same primary school, the same Senior High School as well and we were in the same house,” she added.

Reggie Rockstone and his wife have been married for over 21 years and have established several businesses together.