My experience in Ghana has been tough but peaceful – ‘Butta My Bread’ hitmaker Jzyno reveals


In a candid revelation, Liberian Afrobeat sensation Jzyno, has opened up about the challenges he faced and the sense of tranquillity he has found in his new home, Ghana.

The creative force behind the hit track “Butta My Bread,” shared his personal journey from Liberia to Ghana during an appearance on Onua Showtime With Mcbrown.

According to Jzyno, his experience in Ghana has been marked by both adversity and serenity. “My experience in Ghana has been tough but it’s been peaceful. I can move around anytime.”

He went on to compare his experiences in Ghana with those back in his homeland, Liberia, shedding light on the safety concerns prevalent in his home country.

“Truth be told my country has not got that level of safety. Every time you hear a little got missing or raped. Someone coming home from work just 10 o’clock got robbed. There are things happening in Liberia,” he told Nana Ama Mcbrown

The artiste who is currently based in Ghana spoke candidly about the security issues faced by his fellow Liberians, stating “Liberia is a blessed country, we want to be peaceful and our government is trying but because of the ex-combatants, those who passed through the war and were not able to get themselves back.”

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While acknowledging the efforts of the Liberian government in maintaining peace, Jzyno highlighted the challenges posed by the country’s history of conflict and the lingering impacts on certain segments of the population.

“They just closed themselves so they feel like there’s no way. They live certain lives and their children follow and other people around them have accepted their lifestyle too,” he submitted.

In contrast to his experiences in Liberia, Jzyno shared that Ghana had provided him with a sense of calmness and security.

He emphasized the peaceful environment he has encountered in his new home and his ability to focus on his music and personal growth.

He noted, “Ghana has really been tough but Liberia has been smooth because that’s where I’m from. Making it out here it took me a lot of years but, like I said, it’s been very peaceful so I prefer being in a peaceful place and hustle.”