Nigerian filmmaker awarded GH¢3.4m compensation in piracy case


Nigerian film producer Femi Adebayo has been awarded ₦25 million, an equivalent of GH¢346,177,500 in damages in a piracy case after a gruelling three-year legal battle.

Adebayo, a renowned filmmaker and actor, took to Instagram on Tuesday, May 7, 2024, to announce his victory against a prominent media entity distributing content on YouTube.

The entity had illicitly broadcast scenes from Adebayo’s 2019 film, “Survival of Jelili,” superimposing them onto another YouTube video to deceive unsuspecting viewers.

With unwavering resolve and the expertise of his legal team, led by Bola Adebowale & Co Legal Practitioners, Adebayo presented compelling evidence and mounted a vigorous defence in court.

Their diligent efforts bore fruit, culminating in a favourable verdict and the awarding of twenty-five million naira in damages.


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 Adebayo underscored the detrimental impact of piracy on the Nigerian film industry, lamenting how it deters potential investors and stifles growth opportunities.

He emphasized the need for decisive action against “daredevil pirates” to safeguard the industry’s integrity and economic viability.