Gum-a-Thon: Ghanaian woman falls asleep after 7 hours of GWR attempt


Artiste Maame, a Ghanaian woman attempting the Guinness World Record (GWR) for the longest gum chewing by an individual suddenly fell asleep during her attempt at the record.

In a viral video on Saturday, the Ghanaian woman was seen seated in a chair relaxed with her head resting on her arms close to her right cheek and dozing off.

This was after she had done seven hours of her gum chewing GWR attempt.

She was on the brink up of giving up her record attempt.

Few minutes later she begun humming a song and throwing her hands in the air hoping to stay awake and continue her record attempt.

Artiste Maame begun her seven days chewing gum-a-thon attempt on Friday, February 9 looking forward to break the current record which stands at 41 hours of gum chewing.

The rules for this peculiar record are straightforward: maintain a straight face and keep the gum manageable while being continuously timed and recorded by a team.