I never slept with any ‘Sakawa boy or rich man’ for cash – Wendy Shay

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Wendy Shay

Popular Ghanaian artiste, Wendy Shay has firmly refuted claims about her indulging in an affair with rich and ‘Sakawa’ men for money.

The artiste has responded to speculations that she is one those celebrities who date rich guys in order to make money.

She emphasised that even in times of extreme necessity, she does not consider sleeping with wealthy men in order to increase her income and live a lavish lifestyle.

She said that she is not readily swayed by social media to adopt such behavior.

In a viral video, the ‘African Money’ hitmaker challenged those who implied she was into this kind of lifestyle, asking them to back up their accusations with proof.

“I think it’s high time I addressed some issues because I’m not happy. I am satisfied with the income I generate from music, be it 5,000 cedis or 100,000 cedis. I am not a greedy kind of person, nor do I allow myself to be pressured. By God’s grace, I can afford a Range Rover today, so I understand the principle of building on what you have.

“I am not the kind of girl you can link me to a big man or Sakawa boy; I don’t do that. Any rich man who claims to have had sex with me for money should come out and make it public. Some individuals are fabricating stories like this and people are also believing it,” she stated.

The performer went on to disassociate herself from any relationships with sugar daddies or sakawa guys, saying she could never find herself in such a situation.

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She continued by calling out any wealthy man who claimed to have had an affair with her.

The name “Sakawa boys” describes males who do rituals in the hopes of attaining sudden wealth.

She further cautioned some bloggers who are disseminating the rumours to desist or face legal action.