2023 Tourism report rates Ghana as a very expensive destination


Per the 2023 report on Tourism in Ghana, tourists during last year’s December in Ghana (DiGH) have rated Ghana as an expensive destination.

In the report by the Ghana Tourism Authority, out of 961 participants, 44.62 percent of the tourists found Ghana as an expensive destination while 34.49 percent consider it normal.

In contrast, 20.88 percent of the participants deem Ghana as a not expensive destination.

Of the same group, 7.85% of tourists from US, UK, Nigeria and domestic Ghana regard the country as a very expensive destination while an additional 36.13% rated Ghana as an expensive destination.

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On the other hand, 15.71% of these same tourists find the country as a less expensive destination with 18.38% saying the country is not an expensive destination.

In terms of accommodation, the report said 5-star hotels exclusively situated in Accra which saw their lowest occupancy at 31% in 2020 reached a peak of 71% in 2023.

Also, the four-star hotels experienced a low of 38% occupancy in 2020, with a moderate rise to 50% in 2023, falling short of the pre-COVID level of 59%.

Another remarkable recovery was observed among the three-star hotels, with average
occupancy climbing from 18% in 2021 to a restored level of 55% in 2023.

Despite these findings, the report noted that Ghana projects that the tourism sector will generate an estimated revenue of $3.8 billion in 2023, a significant 51.9% increase from the previous year.

The country’s international tourist arrivals for 2023 increased by 25 percent, with US nationals constituting the largest group, followed by Ghanaians residing abroad, the UK, Nigeria, Germany, and South Africa.

Ghana hopes to increase foreign visitor numbers to almost two million in 2024, up from the 1.1 million reported in the year prior.

Find the full report here.