Showbiz in Ghana doesn’t pay – Veteran broadcaster and actor Dada Boat


Veteran broadcaster and actor, Mikki Osei Berko has bemoaned the lack of financial remuneration in the entertainment industry in as compared to other sectors.

During an appearance on 's #UrbanBlend with , the actor of Taxi Drive fame candidly expressed his views on the financial aspect of the Ghanaian showbiz industry.

Reflecting on his experience on the set of the popular television series Taxi Driver, he emphasized the non-monetary value it brought to his career and how the project played a significant role in shaping his identity within the industry.

“What happened on the set of Taxi Driver for me was the experience aspect. I always look at the positive side of stuff. I could say Taxi Driver for me could say arguably is one of the projects that has made me who I am and you cannot count that in ,” he disclosed

However, when it came to financial returns, he believed it was not something to boast about.

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“With regards to financial returns, I think that it was not to write home about and I am saying this clearly because the system hasn't changed,” he added.

He attributed this perception to the prevailing mindset that showbiz is seen as a part-time venture rather than a profession that sustains livelihoods.

“You know people consider showbiz as a part-time , they don't really understand that it is what put food on your table. They think that if they ask you to MC their event and offer you food and drinks that's it.  People do not regard this as an endeavour that pays so much and it was the difficulty at the time and I think sponsorship contributed to that,” he recalled.

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Despite these challenges, he expressed no regrets about being a part of Taxi Driver, emphasizing its immense contribution to his career growth.

“For me to say that Taxi Driver was something I've never regretted being part of because to added so much to my career.  If you count that in money you can't see anything,” he concluded


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