Show remorse – Koku Anyidoho told

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A member of the Communications team of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr. Ralph Apetorgbor, has entreated expelled former Deputy General Secretary, Samuel Koku Anyidoho, to show ‘remorse’ for his conduct that led to his dismissal.

He said Koku Anyidoho must understand and recognize that the supremacy of the party cannot be taken for granted.

He was reacting to the signals given by Mr Anyidoho to file a law suit against the party for expelling him.

Koku Anyidoho was expelled by the NDC’s Functional Executive Committee after petitions were filed against him for “misconduct and anti-party behaviour”, which terminology he has challenged and sought sarcastic clarification for.

In a tweet posted on August 7, 2021, he accused the current leadership of arbitrary and capricious abuse relative to implementing the party’s constitution for which reason he said he was heading to court.

“The obnoxious constitution of the NDC which has been subjected to arbitrary and capricious abuse over the years shall be tested vis the supreme constitution of 1992, in a court of competent jurisdiction,” his post read.

But, Ralph Apetorgbor, called on the national leadership of the party to deal decisively with anyone who violates the party’s constitution.

He commended the party’s disciplinary committee for dismissing Koku Anyidoho.

Apetorgbor said the expulsion of Koku Anyidoho indicates that the party would no longer condone any act of indiscipline from members at the branch to the national.

He said that the party’s leadership was already witnessing some form of indiscipline from some members, and urged that any undisciplined act should be sanctioned promptly.

“I believe it is no longer going to be business as usual where members can misbehave…this should serve as a deterrent that any future act of indiscipline from members will be immediately dealt with, with appropriate sanctions’

‘The Constitution of NDC has stipulated how indiscipline should be addressed,” the Anyaa Sowutuom Deputy Communications Officer emphasized.

He said, “No member is above the party’s constitution”, saying, “anyone that transgresses and thinks he can act the way he wants will be dealt with. We will no longer allow the party to be abused,”.

Mr. Apetorgbor therefore urged stakeholders of the party to work in unity in order to enable the party to wrestle power in 2024 elections.