Shocking sex confessions! We slept with over 100 men – Obinim church members

Will you ever, no matter the circumstance, disclose to your new partner, best friend or even your pastor the number of men or women you have had sex with in your lifetime? For many Ghanaians, it’s a No, No if not off-limits, for them to make disclosures about their past relationships, particularly their sex life, but for some congregants of Obinim’s Church, that is not a big deal. Scores of them lined up in front of the entire congregation and on live television, to reveal the number of people they have had sexual encounters with in their life. Themed as ‘Confessions of Past Sexual Sins’, the congregants were led one after the other by Bishop Daniel Obinim to confidently tell the world the many people they have bedded in their life. Some of the people who are now married or dating, effortlessly and without shame, reveal they’ve had sexual intercourse with over 100 different people while some claimed to have lost count of the multiple sexual partners they’ve had in their lifetime. “Five? Ah, sister you were not spoilt,” Bishop Obinim told a 37-year-old woman who claimed to have had only five sexual partners in Twi. “46, last stop,” one male congregant said, to which Obinim queried “with this your appearance? Heeerrrhh…” as the camera pans down to show the young man’s feet. Obinim told another man who said he has had sexual intercourse with 59 women that “you for instance you need money” “Getting to 40” another married woman who claimed have lived in a ‘drug ghetto’ told Obinim, who said he thought the said woman was not bad. “Ghetto? What is ghetto” Obinim asked the woman who explained in Twi: “It’s a place for wee smokers…I was a seller and at the same time user of the cocaine and wee. I have really suffered” Apparently, the woman was wedded last year May. A 25-year-old boy also told Obinim he has slept with 25 ladies since he became sexually active at a time that he was schooling. “I’ve slept with 38 men” another congregant, 38 years, told Obinim who responded, “eii 38? Then you’ve suffered. You’re 38 years and you have had sex with 38 men” When asked by Obimin what help she needed, the woman replied “Daddy if you help me financially and also for me to get a husband I will be very happy” “How many did you sleep with” Obinim asked one woman who had her baby strapped at her back. “I had 3 men” she responded. “My husband makes it 10,” another female congregant confessed. Surprisingly, one female who is being catered for by Obinim confessed she was pregnant with one of the pastor’s abled men, Peter. “Do you think what you’re doing is good? Were you not the one who was asking me for money to go for ante-natal” Obinim asked. “100?” Obinim asked a pregnant woman who claimed to have offered sex to over 100 men. It turned out she was once a prostitute “Oh ok, I think I remember you now. Yes, you’re the one who came to confess you were into prostitution,” Obinim recounted,” Obinim recalled. The confession by a teenage looking girl is what shocked the congregation the most when she stated she’s slept with over a 100 men but Obinim was not surprised as the girl had earlier confessed to being a witch. “You’ve told me already. You said you were a witch and you were charming the men to have sex with you so you take their sperms to maame water. You said maame water drinks sperms as her water, right?” Obinim said. At the end of the confessions, Bishop Obinim prayed over drinks for the congregants, which if they drink would cause them to end their sexual escapades.

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Watch the congregants as they confess to their sexual sins By Stephen Kwabena Effah||Ghana]]>