Shocking: American women have the biggest natural boobs, Africans got the smallest

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In what could be a contentious study in recent times, especially in Africa, American women have been found to be those with the biggest natural boobs in the World. Surprisingly, the study claims women born in Africa and Asia, particularly in the east Asian countries, have the smallest breast volumes. But it’s not bad news for us Brits – as researchers ranked the UK in the top five for big breasts. Scientists have measured the assets of nearly 400,000 women born in 108 different countries aged between 28 and 30 – excluding those who had had surgery, were pregnant, breastfeeding, or had been pregnant in the past year. They used measuring tape and, in some cases, visual examination and 3D scanning to do this. The authors of an independent review of these studies, published in The Journal of Female Health Sciences, then collated this data and compared the countries, from the bustiest to the most flat chested. They concluded: “Women born in the USA have by far larger breasts than women in any other country, while women born in Africa and Asia, particularly in the east Asian countries, have the smallest breast volumes.” Amazingly, a quarter of Caucasian American ladies had breasts weighing 5.7kg, while a Filipino woman from the bustiest quartile would have boobs weighing just 0.3kg. American Caucasians had an average breast size bigger than a European F, although researchers admitted that weight played a part in this, and Americans overall topped the scale. Canadian women were found to be the second most well endowed, averaging an E, while ladies in Ireland came in third, Poland fourth, the UK fifth, the Netherlands sixth, and Iceland seventh. Females in these countries all averaged a D-cup, as did those in Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, Norway, Columbia and Venezuela. Meanwhile women in the Philippines were found to have the smallest boobs, averaging an A-cup. The researchers feel that there needs to be more awareness about international difference in boob size because, according to them, it is directly correlated with both self esteem and social standing. They wrote: “A woman’s breast size correlates positively with her sexual attractiveness and social prestige. “Several leading behavioural psychologists consider it advisable that young people, who travel abroad for the first time have access to appropriate information on country-specific differences in the female breast size. “It has been shown that young women who come to the United States as exchange students have a very high incidence of mental problems related to their body image and self-esteem. “In-depth interviews of the affected exchange students have revealed that one of the key reasons for the problems is that they feel anxiety, when they realise that their breasts are so substantially smaller in size than the breasts of US females. “Such an unexpected observation is especially difficult for young females to deal with, because their own sexuality and body image may still be quite fragile. “They are already well aware of the breast role as an important secondary sexual characteristic of females, so they know that women with large breasts are seen as being more desirable by the opposite sex.” Source The Sun]]>