Shlomit Sufa appointed as new Israeli Ambassador to Ghana, Liberia & Sierra Leone

Ambassador Shlomit Sufa is the new Israeli Ambassador to Ghana

The State of Israel has appointed Shlomit Sufa as the new Ambassador to Ghana, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Ambassador Sufa replaces Shani Cooper, who ended her tour of duty in Ghana in June 2021.

Ambassador Sufa comes to Ghana with twenty years of diplomatic experience after serving in Canada, Switzerland and Ethiopia.

Prior to her appointment, she was a participant in the prestigious National Security Program at the Israeli National Defense Collage.

From September 2019 to August 2020, she served as the Minister-Councilor, South East Asia Department in the Asia and Pacific Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Israel.

In a video released by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs to promote her appointment, Shlomit Sufa recounts her journey to becoming a diplomat.

“I remember myself reading travel books of world discoverers and looking at atlases, wondering about other countries and cultures. I have always been drawn to this field as well as engaging in work for Israel and for the betterment of the public.” 

Ambassador Sufa is married to David with three sons.

According to her, Israel is renowned for its capabilities in agriculture, water technologies, hi-tech and medical care and she hopes “to promote projects in Ghana, Liberia and Sierra Leone that are in line with the UN’s sustainable development goals and address these three countries needs in food security, water management and digitalization”.

She adds that, “as a female diplomat and a member of the female diplomatic network in Israel, I see great significance in the empowerment of women and will be happy to find partners in this field to work together on programmes for the empowerment of women and girls”.

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Israel has a long-term diplomatic and bilateral partnership with Ghana.

Ghana was the first African country to establish diplomatic relations with the State of Israel, the second state in Africa to have an Israeli embassy and the first African state to have a state visit by Israel’s former Foreign Minister Golda Meir in 1958.

In 2011, the State of Israel reopened its Embassy in Accra, which has since strengthened the relations between Israel and Ghana.