She leaked it: D-Black gives exclusive on sex tape ‘sushi’ saga

She leaked it: D-Black gives exclusive on sex tape ‘sushi’ saga
D-Black and sushi

D-Black has fingered the lady in his sex tape as the leak. According to the Ghanaian rapper, that was revenge on him for walking away from the relationship.

Speaking with MzGee on Showbiz927, D-Black said although he owes no one an explanation, he believes the videos were released by his lady friend as retaliation for pulling out of their arrangement.

He explained that these kinds of bad publicity are bound to happen once you find yourself in the limelight. He said, in the beginning, it was worrisome, especially when his mom got hold of the video. But he was able to calm everyone, and everything is alright now.
He said, “No, it wasn’t someone around me. I think it was the girl.” He mentioned that it wasn’t about money, but he refused to continue having sexual relations with her. “I was not interested in going forward. I don’t want to go deep into this because it does not change anything. It has already happened.”

D-Black seemed unbothered about internet trolls, and he had this to say to them. He said, “You are on Twitter with your data. Maybe you haven’t even eaten, and you are tweeting rubbish at me. Okay, let us laugh. After that, I will go on holidays in Brazil and come back. Because I work hard for what I do. So drag. I am focused on what I am doing.”
He continued to say he has reached a point in his life that he does not let tro

By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana

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