Shatta Wale’s mom 'prophesies' his music will be studied at universities

The mother of dancehall musician Shatta Wale, Elsie Evelyn Agbavitor Avemegah, is convinced very soon her son’s music will become a course of study at universities. The dancehall artiste’s mother, who spoke to TV3‘s Owusu Worae, said she has been praying concerning her son and his music career and she is hopeful his songs will soon be studied on many university campuses. “We are all in this country, and if nothing happens to any of us, I am the mother of Shatta Wale, I am telling the whole of Ghana that very soon the universities will be studying the songs of Shatta Wale, I bet you  and I know my God will do it,” she stated. ‘Shatta Wale won’t allow juju’ Shatta Wale’s mother earlier threatened to spell doom on prophets who predicted her son’s death by seeking spiritual help in the Volta Region, where she comes from. Many had suggested that she was going for some kind of black magic or ‘juju’ to ‘fortify’ her son. But addressing the issue in her interview, Elsie Avemegah said she only went to her hometown to pray. “I went to the Volta Region to pray because I took this message from the Bible that during their time, the Israelites and the Baal people were fighting, and during their fights they consulted their Maker, and He told them go to where they were born and pray and see what God will do. “So they went to their land, and then they prayed and they defeated the people of Baal. So I went to the Volta Region because that is where I was born,” Elsie stated. She said she also went to her roots to consult her elders to inform them about the prophecies regarding their grandson in order for them to pray with her. “Everybody on this earth has an enemy, so by all means my son has an enemy, and I had to counter it, so I did not go to do juju. Shatta Wale will not allow me to go and do juju,” she said. Elsie Evelyn Agbavitor Avemegah further said her boy is not as controversial as people make him out to be. According to her, she felt heart-broken hearing certain things about her son when he had an issue with Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMAs) organizers Charterhouse. “When he had that trouble with Chaterhouse, I did not expect that thing so quickly like that, but it happened like that. “It broke my heart, but I prayed about it.”

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By Irene Amesimeku|| Ghana  ]]>