Sexual potency & herbal medicine, what’s the link?

What comes to mind when you see “sexual power” “Big Penis” among other names written on sign boards or being advertised on mega phones at the lorry station or even on TV? What is the craze about herbal aphrodisiacs giving super human ability during sexual intercourse? decided to go through town and find out why these medicines are making head waves.
First point of our visit was the Baba Gadu’s stand at the Kwame Nkrumah circle where we met a dealer called Maxwell also known as Baba. I asked Baba some questions about the products they sell. Baba was kind enough to tell us more about his herbal aphrodisiacs.
“I have been selling herbal medicines for some time now, and I sell one of the best aphrodisiacs.” Out of curiosity we asked why he thought his aphrodisiacs were the best when there were foreign aphrodisiacs on the market proven to be very potent.
“There are a lot of imported aphrodisiacs on the market but they are not good, for example the Chinese aphrodisiacs for instance when taken will take up to 30 minutes to get an erection and that can make one last about 45 minutes in bed after that the penis goes back to its natural state which is not the best.
“For instance the Chinese aphrodisiac known as AK47 costs as low as GHC1.50. These aphrodisiacs are made in such a way that it gets to a time that without taking them, one cannot get a proper erection during sexual intercourse”
So we asked him to tell us how his aphrodisiacs work. We also wanted to find out if his took a shorter time for a man to get an erection? And whether his made a man last longer than 45 minutes in bed?

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“The herbal aphrodisiacs I sell don’t work like that. The human system is like a barrel , when you keep water in a barrel for some time and you pour the water out of it, you realize the dirt underneath becomes slimy, that’s the same way the waist is. When we eat and drink, everything goes into our system, though they come out as urine and faeces, some particles are left within the system and all that needs to be removed from the body, especially the waist.
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“Piles and phlegm’s are the major causes of waist problems. The medicine clears all piles and phlegm’s from the waist and makes it stronger thus makes a man very active in bed.”
So we asked, how they prepare the herbal aphrodisiacs they sell.
“We buy all our herbal products from herbalist in villages in Niger. The herbalists then educates us on how to use the products, we label them, take down notes, bring them into the country and go strictly by the instruction given by the herbalists.”
As interesting as they get, we could not stop but realize there were carved wooden penises in exaggerated sizes displayed on Baba’s table. So I asked? Baba do you sell medicines to make ones penis as big as the carvings?
“Oh no…not as big as the carvings but the medicine can make it as strong as the wooden carving but I do sell dildo which I get from a friend at kantamanto” He laughs as he makes that statement.
Baba Gadu sells all kinds of medicines that heals all kinds of sicknesses including waist pains, eye problem, abdominal pains, gonorrhea…but something else caught my eye “LOVE FOR WOMEN” and “FOR GIRLS”
That is a story for another day.
By: Louisa Twum-Baah
Twitter: @3newsgh

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