Seven-member committee set up over NC’s proposed statutes

Dr Kofi Amoah is the Chairman of the Normalisation Committee

Major stakeholders in Ghana football are due to gather for an Extraordinary Congress in two weeks but even before then the stage has been set for one last confrontation over the statutes that the Normalisation Committee has designed for elections and future running of the sport in Ghana.

The proposals put forward as the future statutes by the Normalisation Committee of Ghana football will change a few things but in a significant way.

They include the structure of the football association, the criteria for the election of its head, the substitution of the constitution of Congress, amongst others.

For instance, there would no longer be a president of the Ghana Football Association but a board chairman. And to rise to that role, the statutes require a minimum of a first degree. The Executive Committee would be a board of directors and players would have even more say at the highest level. It is not music to everyone’s ear.

Chief Executive Officer of Aduana Stars Albert Commey maintains the clubs have better views of the new statutes.

“To the clubs, we taught the FIFA document directed the NC to review our statutes,” he said.

“They’ve brought a new document altogether, now the statutes that we are using is still in force so the good thing was to look at the areas that do not conform with the review they have done with our statutes.

“Our football has gone done for far too long and we cannot let it go down further than that. We think that when we are able to resolve this thing and football people started running the affairs we can bring things back.”

With the Extraordinary Congress set for September, the clubs hope they can put forward counter-proposals for consideration and eventual voting.

So they have set up a seven-member committee to reign everyone in and gets things done.

Randy Abbey, a former Executive Committee member of the GFA and owner of Heart of Lions, explained why the meeting was necessary.

“The proposal which is worth the meeting has adopted is that we have been served with a document, that’s the document that has been slated for discussion and so that is what you need to look at and agree, disagree or vary,” he said in an interview with TV3 Sports.

“It is about the game, this is just the legal architecture and structure but it ultimately must lead to the resumption of football activities”.

The battle lines are gradually being drawn by the current and those who consider themselves conventional handlers of Ghana Football.

By Thierry Nyann||Ghana

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