Settling down? Here are a few tips to help you make the right choiceï

Marriage is a well-thought out decision to be joined to someone eternally. It is a bold step that shapes life’s journey. Before settling down there are a few things you may need to understand. First, it is essential that the person you choose is not too different from you. It is true that like poles repel and unlike poles attract, but in marriage, the more alike both of you are, the better your chances of staying married. Your spouse’s attitudes and habits will shape you, so make sure both of you are grooming each other for the better. Secondly, apply honour in the process of marrying. Give respect to whom it is due. Women are usually closer to their fathers while the men adore their mothers, so respect the parents of your spouse. Take them as your own and develop maturity in how u handle issues with them. Again, don’t marry someone without character. Different things happen to different people at different times, character is one of them.  Allow the person you intend to marry to develop godly character. Fall in love with the beauty of a person’s character and the quality of his or her mind. That is what will sustain your marriage. Deal with insecurities before you marry. You will need survival skills to sustain your marriage, so build yourself. Keep a pool of trusted people who will guide you in your choices. Having trusted friends who will advice and speak on your behalf will ensure that neither of you become self-absorbed in your own ideas. Indeed, in the multitude of councillors there is safety. Understand that there are some flies who will want to land on your marriage. Ignore the flies. Surround yourself with people who seek your interest. Don’t let your business be out in the open, because good things will always attract opposition. Finally, understand that you cannot enter into marriage for the wrong reasons. Whether it is to prove a point to your ex or to gain financial security, marriage is a beautiful thing and must be entered into for the right reasons. Marriage is a blessing, so make it count.

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By Brenda Lutterodt||Ghana ]]>