Seek permission from your employers before you date or marry a colleague – WILDAF

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The programme officer of Women in Law and Development in Africa (WILDAF) Lois Addo has said that work colleagues who wish to enter into an amorous relationship should inform and seek formal approval from their employer before they carry on with their plan.

Most corporate environments do not encourage dating between staff because somebody may be single and use that status to deceive and abuse the ladies with the promise to marry and hold the view that such relationships could easily fester conflict of interest and cause irreparable injuries to the organisation’s reputation.

“When you are seriously about what you want to do, you will formally inform administration that I have interest in this person and they will look at the working line so that it doesn’t conflict with your work” she stated

Lois Addo explained that informing the administration of your intention to engage in an amorous relationship with a colleague will enable them to probe your working schedule and take you off from directly working at the same schedule.

Also, the company will be able to protect whoever is the vulnerable in the relationship and more importantly protect the reputation of the organisation against any potential damage the relationship between two employees may pose.

“For example if there is a Tema office and Accra office, they can change you so that your relationship does not create any conflict. Thus, in the interest of the organisation, the couple should work under different supervisors or subordinates so that if you have your personal conflicts it shouldn’t be transferred to the organisation” Lois Addo elucidated.

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She told 3FM’s Helen Appiah Ampofo that WILDAF is conducting a research on Gender Model Policy at the work place and one of our target is to engage state actors to ensure that state institutions have these Gender Model Policies that address sexual harassment at the work place.

By Samuel Afriyie Owusu||Ghana


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