Security alert: Coalition wants CCTV installed in basic schools

The Ghana National Education Campaign Coalition (GNECC) is urging government to install closed-circuit television (CCTV), if possible, in basic schools across the country to tighten their security situation. This has become necessary in the wake of rise in terrorist attacks and kidnapping in the sub-region which put Ghana’s security under threat, the Coalition said in a statement on Monday. “Sadly, there seem to be no practical strategy by the Ghana Education Service (GES) to enhance security in schools, beyond the usual verbal assurances when unfortunate events happen,” the statement signed by the Chairman of GNECC Kofi Asare said. Pointing to a report by the African Centre for Security and Intelligence Studies following the recent terrorist attack in a church in neighbouring Burkina Faso, the statement said: “With churches being the primary targets in these dastardly acts, we worry deeply because churches own about 5,000 basic and secondary schools in Ghana where millions of children are enrolled. “This, in addition to over 20 reported kidnappings in the past 12 months leaves much to be desired in respect of the security in and around the school environment.” The Coalition noted the need for practical emergency measures to tighten security in schools. GNECC therefore called on the leadership of the GES to work with Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies to:

  1. Sensitize teachers, students and parents about how to deal with emerging security threats.
  2. Post safety tips in both written and visual formats at vantage points within the school environment.
  3. Ensure all information is accessible to deaf and blind students.
  4. Ensure schools are walled to prevent access by unauthorized persons.
  5. Ensure schools are well lighted at all times and security cameras installed if possible.
  6. Recruit day and night security men to provide security for all schools.
  7. Ensure all private and public schools comply with the aforementioned.
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