Secret Tape: Nana Addo will lose 2012 election – Arthur Kennedy

Dr. Arthur Kennedy, a former Flagbearer Aspirant of the New Patriotic Party and Communications Director of the 2008 Nana Addo Presidential Campaign has been caught on a secret tape in an address at an NPP strategy meeting stating categorically that the NPP will lose next week’s presidential election.

A secret tape now making rounds contains the very audible voice of Dr. Arthur Kennedy stating emphatically that though he normally gets into trouble for speaking the truth, he was not going to deceive his NPP audience regardless of the consequences.

Below is the full transcript of what is contained on the tape:

“I’ve heard that people have said a lot today. Generally I get into trouble because I will say it just as it is. There are a lot of people going about saying that 2012 Ghanaians have regretted and they will vote for us. Some people even think that they will vote for us and also thank us. Anyone who has come to that conclusion, I will ask you to tell him that that’s not true, and you heard it here first. In 2008, if you meet them in central region, excluding the chairman, they will tell you that Doc we are winning all the 19 constituencies. Eei 19, I was a bit disturbed with occurrences on the ground but they constantly assured me that I should not worry we are going to win all the 19 constituencies. If we don’t tell ourselves the truth we will end up in trouble once more. So those of you, the youth, when your candidate comes to you tell him the real situation on the ground. Where we are not doing well, you tell the candidate that in these areas we are not doing well so that we can do something about it. Not only the candidate, should you meet the regional chairman tell him that the way we are not doing well in these places so that we can change the situation for the better. Should you meet Nana Addo, tell him the same thing. That is the spirit of NPP, don’t do yes sir, yes sir and then we lose again.

“The reason why we’ve got a lot to do is that since the inceptions of this republic, no incumbent president has lost re-election so that argument we will hear it over and over again and that’s our first problem. No government has gone to re-election with oil and they are the first and that’s the problem.

“The second issue is that, if I vote, go home and sleep, wake up at 2 am and someone tells me that the results have been read, the first question I will ask is that between Nana Addo and President Mills who won Greater Accra and Central Region. If you mention the same person for both, then that person will be president.

“I’m telling you about elections strategy some of you don’t know but we have a lot of work to do and there are a lot of internal dynamics and I’m here to tell you that the task ahead is herculean. I’m telling you something and this is political strategizing and teaching. As an opposition party, we will never win an election by defending we have to go on the offensive. We need to have them defending. If you are an opposition party and you always find yourself in the position of answering to charges then you are behind. The government has to be answering charges. Also in communication, election, we win votes by getting the majority of people on our side. You will also notice that they are communicating to Obed Asamoah and President Rawlings and that’s because every party needs people and so don’t go and fight with people. You are going to make friends with people in the Central Region. These are not meetings, meetings are to plan the work and the work is what you are doing.

“I was also happy that people were talking about commitment without inducement. Most of us are so enamoured with inducement, the truth is that in 2008 we were in power and there was money but in 2012 there is no money. They will tell you they will bring you this form of help and others but you will realise that the promises may not be kept. I will however advice you that whatever form of help you get hold on to that and do your work wherever you find yourself because not much is going to come from anywhere.

“I will tell you that in 2000 if three constituencies had a vehicle then they were very lucky but today when the constituencies get their vehicles, every executive wants a vehicle before he does any work. In 2008 when I was the communications director, someone came to me and said that he is not being allowed to assist in the constituency campaign. I then advise him to bring me a budget for his part of the campaign and he brought me a budget of GH¢10,000 for three constituencies. How you going to win elections by doing that? That is what is going to cost us the victory in the election.”

Source: Truth Ghana

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