Secessionist Agitations: Political scientist rules out complicity of NPP, NDC

Senior Political Scientist at the University of Ghana Dr. Kwame Asa-Asante has ruled out any conspiracy theory that suggests that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) or the New Patriotic Party (NPP) may be secretly involved in the alleged secessionist attacks in the Volta Region.

Speaking on TV3’s Election Watch programme, the senior political scientist argued that the incumbent NPP has a duty to protect the peace and security of the country, as failure to do that would adversely affect their fortunes in the December polls.

“Remember, security is also one of the variables that influences voter choices. If I am not protected in my own area, why should I give you my mandate?”

He further stressed that from 1992 to 2016, the NPP is gradually gaining grounds in the Volta Region, moving from 4% to about 14%, and as such would be unreasonable to ruin their fortunes in the Region.

On the NDC, the senior lecturer also argued that since they would not muddy the waters in their own stronghold, it is not likely that they are possibly responsible for the recent attacks in the region.

“People should also know that if the place is destabilized, the Electoral Commission cannot declare the results of the December polls, because you’d need to factor in every result before declaring the winners.”

In conclusion, the Senior Political Scientist urged Ghanaians to support the government to fight these attacks to make Ghana a better place to be.

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