Secessionism likely to increase, be brutal in response – IPEG to gov’t

The Institute for Peace and Governance (IPEG) has asked the government to exercise force in dealing with the rise of separatist agitations by the Western Togoland/Secessionist Group, whose activities constitute a challenge to the existence of Ghana as a state.

A statement issued and signed by Justin Bayor, Programme Director of IPEG, noted that there is most likely to be an increase in the number of such attacks from now till December 2020 and beyond.

The attacks will most probably be centered on state infrastructure/installations as well a property, with minimal deaths and injuries, he said.

These attacks may be concentrated on installations within Western Togoland in the beginning, Mr Bayor continued.

He said the activities of the secessionists will eventually graduate with time into violent activities with mass destruction and mass murder as the object within Western Togoland.

“The violent activities of the secessionists will then assume dimensions to cover other parts of the country, beyond Western Togoland territory.

“We recommend that the State employs its resources to ramp-up its intelligence gathering capabilities, key to repulsing them, so as to prevent the secessionist group from reaching its projected evolvement.

“The State harnesses its Influence, Authority and Capabilities, irrespective of Election 2020 and whichever government is in power, to deal mercilessly with all persons identified as being directly involved in the activities of this group(s) because they are in the process of changing to domestic terrorists.

“The State, led by the Government, should project force and might in their response so as to give re-assurance to Ghanaians on their ability and capacity to deal with the situation. This will halt the civilian population from taking up arms to defend themselves against this group(s).”

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By Laud Nartey||Ghana