SDK Dele selects Shatta Wale for ‘Cameraman’ Remix collaboration


Ghanaian comedian SDK Dele, known for his viral skits, has selected Dancehall singer, Shatta Wale to join him on the Remix of his hit Amapiano single, ‘Cameraman.’

SDK Dele, who recently embarked on a surprising venture into the music industry with his accidental Amapiano hit song, gained immense popularity after it was shared online.

The song was featured in one of his comedic skits, which showcased how South Africans create their distinctive Amapiano sounds.

Fans were captivated by the skit and urged SDK to release the full song.

SDK Dele, overwhelmed by the unexpected demand, shared his experience in a recent interview on Hitz FM

“We were just doing a skit, something to make people laugh and move on to the next one,” he explained. “But when I did it, the pressure to release the song became overwhelming. Musicians started calling me, saying, ‘Bro, I want to jump on the song, it’s fire.'”

According to the upcoming musician, amidst numerous artists vying for a collaboration, he has made a conscious decision to collaborate with Shatta Wale because of his initial support.

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“Funny enough, when I released the song, he was the only artist who stood by me,” SDK Dele shared. “He danced to the song, shot a video in his house, and posted it. He even came to my DMs to encourage me, saying, ‘This is a hit, man. Keep up the good work. Mummy is looking after you, Even if it’s a remix, come to my place and let’s do the song.'”

SDK Dele and Shatta Wale are now in the process of preparing for the remix collaboration.

“We are now preparing to do the remix, he did it and posted it on Tiktok, Facebook and all, Shoutout to Shatta Wale,” he shared.

The unexpected alliance between the comedian and the renowned Ghanaian artist has sparked excitement among fans, who eagerly anticipate the release of the revamped version of ‘Cameraman.’


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