SDK Dele, DSL, Boy Kordak and DJ Faculty light up the #PerfectMatchXtra Pool Party


The recent pool party at the #PerfectMatchXtra event was a night to remember as attendees grooved to the electrifying beats of the amapiano sensation, SDK Dele.

The talented artist joined the housemates at the Perfect Lounge and delivered a live performance of his hit song, “The Camera Man,” setting the dance floor ablaze with his infectious energy and captivating melody.

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Kordark moved from Perfect match contestant to Rapper extraordinaire at the pool party.

Known for his charm and captivating presence on the show, he took centre stage and channelled his rapper skills, captivating the audience with his lyrical prowess and confident delivery.

His performance added an exciting twist to the event, leaving attendees in awe of his unexpected talent.

VGMA Unsung Artiste and Former Mentor X winner, DSL was also present on the night serving them hits after hits. The contestants couldn’t help but move to the rhythm, creating an electrifying atmosphere at the party.

Dj Faculty: A Master of the Turntables

The atmosphere at the #PerfectMatchXtra pool party was further enhanced by the incredible skills of DJ Faculty, a true maestro behind the turntables.

The renowned disc jockey kept the partygoers on their feet all night long with his seamless mixes, expertly transitioning between tracks and creating an energetic ambiance that had everyone dancing till the early hours.

Social media fans couldn’t help but appreciate his remarkable talent and acknowledged him as one of the best in the industry.

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A Twitter user wrote, “Dj faculty is the goat #PerfectMatchXtra”

“Another posted, Because of @djfacultyghI don’t feel like sleeping, the guy is so good in disc jockey.👌🏾#PerfectMatchXtra #PMXtra 

With the combined performances of Sdkdele, Boy Kodark, and the incredible DJ skills of the Dj faculty, the #PerfectMatchXtra pool party became an unforgettable experience for all in attendance.


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