Schools reopening: What advice did you give to the president? Expert questions DG of Education

A Former Director- General of the Ghana Education Service (GES), Charles Ahetor- Tsegah is questioning the rationale behind the President’s Decision to reopen schools.

Schools reopened across the country for all basic schools on Monday 18th January after 10 months suspension of the academic calendar.

 Amid the high recorded cases with an average daily rate of 200 cases according to the Ghana Health Service, a lot of parents are harbouring fear of their wards contracting the virus if COVID-19 safety protocols are not strictly adhered to.

According to Ahetor -Tsegah, it is not for Ghanaians to give the President a reason to close down schools but he must be confronted with the facts.

“It is a definite no no!. In the light of the evidence that we have this time I will say it’s a definite no no!. Yesterday I listened to the President and I was sad because it is not for us to give him the reason to close down the schools or lockdown, he must be confronted with the evidence; the scientists are there and they are telling you. That means we should take measures that would enable us to get back to situations where we can function so it is not for us to give the president to close down schools, he sees the evidence for himself and he must close it”?.

He stated emphatically on the 3FM’s Sunrise Morning Show.

He therefore questioned the decision to reopened schools when the country knows the danger ahead.

“I don’t know what advise the Director General gave to the President and or to the Minister or whoever the Minister was consulting and with all these range of information I think that we should be smart enough. I think it is not a good decision, it’s a painful one but we cannot afford the consequences of not taking action”.

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“So we have a real concern and so if you have Professors and other Scientists telling you that we have a rare variant that spreads daily then we must be smart enough to say that no this is not the situation where we can expose our children to a condition unless we have put in place all those measures we have put in place in the first wave”.

By Richard Bright Addo||Ghana