School Feeding caterers applauded as 2nd term ends


The () has commended all caterers “for their patience over the perceived in the payment of their first term arrears, and their dedication towards their obligation of providing daily meal for our school across the 260 districts”.

According to the Programme, first term payments for these caterers have been advanced and will be settled “as soon as possible”.

In a statement issued on Friday, August 6, the Programme said some caterers are violating their contracts by having not cooked for pupils for days in some .

“It must be stated that caterers who have refused to cook for the children would suffer deductions in their payment for all the non-cooking days,” the statement signed by Head of Public Relations Siiba Alfa said.

“Per the contract , caterers are supposed to pre-finance the cooking services for a whole term or more.

“We therefore urge our caterers to strictly adhere to their contractual obligations with the .”

Management expressed gratitude to caterers who discharged their duties throughout the second term in spite of the delay in the payment of the first term arrears.

By Emmanuel Kwame Amoh||Ghana

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