Savannah Region’s big wigs lobby for ‘rejected’ MDCE nominees to be approved

Appointees from the Savannah Region as well as chiefs and other stakeholders have appealed to Assembly members for both Bole and East Gonja Assemblies to put the past behind them and confirm the President’s nominees for the two Assemblies.

They observed the continuous delay in confirming the nominees will derail the fast take-off of development in the Region.

The nominee for Bole District, Veronica Alele Herming, and that of East Gonja Municipal Assembly, Mohammed Tamimu, were rejected by members of their respective Assemblies after polling less than 50 percent of the votes cast.

They have since been reappointed by President Nana Addo Akufo-Addo through the Savannah Region Minister, Saeed Muhazu Jibril.

However, sources close to the assembly members disclosed to that the assembly members may not confirm the nominees, citing personal reasons.

This has promoted appointees from the Region and some prominent figures including chiefs to intervene.

The Managing Director of Ghana Water Company Limited, Ing. Dr. Clifford Braimah, has since met with assembly members to appeal to them to confirm the nominees.

In an interview with, Ing. Clifford Braimah noted the President has made his choice and the assembly members should see it as a nomination in the right direction and not to waste more time to confirm the nominees.

“We are an infant region and craving for development and if we all appreciate the fact that development starts from the local level, then we have to see the President’s decision as one that is in our interest and so I appeal to you the assembly members to confirm the nominees.”

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He added: “Our development should be our priority. Let’s eschew past events and focus on how to support the nominees to whip up development.”

The Paramount Chief of the Buipe Traditional Area, Buipewura Abdulai Jinapor, the Savannah Region representative on the Council of State, Kpengriwura Adam Zakaria, are among the prominent personalities calling for the confirmation of the two nominees.

On October 4 and 6, the nominees for East Gonja and Bole District were rejected by members of their respective Assemblies.

In Salaga, Mohammed Tamimu obtained 10 ‘Yes’ votes out of 34 valid votes while his colleague, Veronica Alele Herming, polled 17 ‘Yes’ votes out of 39 valid votes cast.

They were renominated by the president after failing to secure two-thirds majority.

The next confirmation dates are yet to be announced.

By Christopher Amoako||Ghana