Sandra Darkoa takes up Mixed Martial Arts

Nana Adwoa has always been in love with sports. She started off with football, then boxing before finally settling with Mixed Martial arts.

‘’To know the importance of the game, If you are doing mixed martial art  ,  they will ask you the type of  game  you are into until you open up to them. If I concentrate on what they say about my career, I will be discouraged.’’

The sport, although unpopular amongst many Ghanaians, has begun gaining ground in the country. The cage fighting is a full-contact combat sport based on striking, grappling and ground fighting. Assimilating techniques from various combat sports like boxing, karate, kick boxing, judo and martial arts from around the world of sports, it is beginning to gain some attraction in Ghana. One of the fighters will have to surrender to give another a chance of winning. In a case of a knockout, the referee then steps in to call for the fight to end.

‘’I want to fight to the international level.

They run away after hitting me especially when they realize I am going to hit them back. They will say, don’t come and kill us.’’

Nana Adwoa  hails from Kwabeng in the Eastern Region. It was from this spot that she began her quest to be one of only a few women to take up the sport. She was hugely supported by her mother too

‘’My mother is my everything but certainly not my God. My mother does everything for me at the start of my career.

In life, you need to take risk to have what you desire.’’

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Victor Ackom has been training Nana Adwoa since she began in 2018. Ackom talks through Nana incredible professionalism and dedication to the quest

‘’looking at her as a lady and her willingness to do the art is not easy. We don’t have enough females but base on Nana Adwoa’s exploits, I can say she only needs a push to be there.’’

However challenging this quest is, Nana Adwoa says she is ready to push it through and break barriers.

By Nana Kweku Anderson||Ghana