Sanction doomsday prophets; Prophetic death threats are not from God – Afia Schwarzenegger orders Christain council

Sanction doomsday prophets; Prophetic death threats are not from God – Afia Schwarzenegger
Afia Schwarzenegger
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According to Afia Schwarzenneger, the Christain council’s silence on celebrity death prophecies is problematic. She cautioned the Christain council to stop turning a blind eye and sanction unscrupulous people parading as prophets.

Afia Schwarzenneger went on her usual ranting spree, and this time her targets were prophetic doomsday prophets in the country. She called them all sorts of unsavoury names like “idiot” and “foolish” for always carrying death and destruction.

“I don’t know why the Christian council is silent, and some idiots who call themselves prophets keeping saying that this and that person will die. Which Ghanaian Prophet will prophesy that God says that a celebrity would secure contract? Were you not in this country when I came to buy a house? Why did God not reveal it to you? Because you are idiots, and you are not the kind of people God will speak to.

According to Afia Schwarzenegger, these prophecies are motivated by illegal substances and intoxicating alcohol but never by Holy Spirit. She also warned them not to try her with their evil prophecies. She continued, “Every day, this person will die, that person will die. Won’t you stop smoking weed and drinking cheap akpeteshie. You don’t drink proper liquor, and you are always fooling and idiotic prophecies. Foolish prophets. Can you not see that your prophecies don’t come true?

“I am here. I dare someone to try me!” She concluded.

A few weeks ago, Eagle Prophet prophesized that a group of men would gang rape Akuappim Poloo to death. He said he saw the actress lying in a pool of blood as her life slowly drained away. When Lydia Forson called him out for unnecessarily tormenting Akuapim Polo, he prophesied that she would be killed in a car accident.

By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana