Samia threatens to open can of worms as CPP execs ‘abandon’ her

It appears the Convention People’s Party executives have abandoned its former chairperson, Samia Nkrumah, in her bid to reclaim the Jomoro Constituency seat.

Taking her turn on TV3’s Uncovered on the New Day magazine show Wednesday, Samia, who has had issues with some of the executives, was evasive in answering whether she’s getting support from the party flagbearer and chairman.

When the host of the show, Bridget Otoo inquired from her whether she’s getting support from Ivor Greenstreet and Dr Edmund Delle, she responded: “you need to ask them” but noted “there’re a lot of people supporting” her campaign.

The former Member of Parliament for Jomoro said she is going to “speak clearly” on that and other issues within the party after the November 7 general elections, saying, “There are certain things I won’t say now but I’m going to speak after the 7th of November”.

Some executives and leading members of the CPP appears to have issues with Samia who lost the party’s presidential primary to Mr Greenstreet, who has promised to unite all factions within the party.

Samia alleged after the primary that delegates were bribed to give Mr Greenstreet an overwhelming win over her, saying “the fact of the matter is that every delegate was paid between GHC200 and GHC500”.

But Mr Greenstreet rejected the allegation and vowed to drag Samia to the party’s disciplinary committee to prove the allegations.

Although many of the party executives and members condemned Samia for her outburst, she told TV3 Wednesday she’s unfazed by that condemnation, and noted she still stands by the allegation.

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“I’m happy I spoke out. I said what I said. I stand by everything I said…I don’t have to prove it because the whole of our delegates experienced it. We were all there. I don’t need to say much. The whole party knows what happened. If for political reasons we have decided to stop talking about it that’s another matter but I’m not going to be silent forever,” she stated on TV3.

She said she is a strong woman who believes in the principle of truth, hence“have to be fearless…Until we have the courage in our country to speak out nothing is going to change.”

Asked whether the leadership of the party has reached out to her in a bid to ensure unity within the party, she responded: “No, they have not but this is not a problem for us. I’m hoping to get the [Jomoro] seat back for the CPP”.

She added: “…for now let me assure you that our campaign is going very well”.

According to her, during her reign as chairperson of the party, there were a lot of people who did not like her; something she said made it difficult for her especially when it came to decision-making

“When I was chairman, of course I had certain challenges in that most of the members of leadership did not see eye-to-eye with me and this made sometimes, decision making even difficult.

“I was pushing for us and I initiated various projects like our electronic database which I wanted us to conclude. Unfortunately, because I was the only one championing it, it was difficult and it took longer,” she said.

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By Stephen Kwabena Effah|