Salt importation stifling local salt wining industry

Some artisanal salt winers are lamenting about salt importation into the country, a situation they say is  threatening their livelihood.   Leader of the Ada Songor Salt Cooperative, Aaron Larweh Hushie said the excessive importation does not favour the local salt producers in the country. He said government’s decision to subsidize imports on salt from Brazil and other countries coupled with the state’s inaction regarding the Songor lagoon seawater intake project is taking a toll on their businesses. According to Mr. Hushie, who was speaking in an interview on 3FM’s Sunrise morning show, the sector needed government support to survive. “For example, Ada Songor Lagoon now, the lagoon seawater intake project which is a major investment project that should be facilitated by government has not been done for 30 years now. “It is not the same with Brazil. Brazil’s industry is government supported; sometimes government subsidizes for them, that is why they are able to dump in the developing countries.” He pleaded with government to get them a ‘permanent lagoon seawater intake system’, as a step to reducing their production cost. “You neglect this investment and you allow Dangote to bring salt to Tema, and we think we are doing good to this country in the long term?” he quizzed. Mr. Hushie noted that policy makers ought to realize that globalized economies are not into profit but are after the power to control strategic commodities. He therefore noted it was in the interest of government to invest in the sector over the long term as other nations have done.

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Background According to Aaron Laweh Hushie, the Ada Songor lagoon depends on brine in the lagoon for salt production in commercial quantities. Originally before the construction of the Akosombo dam, the lagoon was fed by brine in the Volta estuaries and the Volta River. He noted that when the dam was constructed, the natural hydrological system was disrupted, hence the need for government to ensure the sea water intake project materialise. By Paul Selorm Agbo | | Ghana]]>


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