Salt City documentary: Salt mining at Ada employs over 1000 youths

The ongoing salt mining project at Ada in the Greater Accra, awarded to Electrochem Ghana Limited, is offering jobs to over 1000 youths in the area.

The government of Ghana awarded the contract to Elecrtochem owned by businessman Dr Daniel Nii McKorley (MacDan).

He secure a 15-year lease for salt mining as part of efforts to grow the economy and commenced operations in 2021.

In a TV3 documentary titled Salt City compiled by Joseph Armstrong and aired on Wednesday April 20, Dr Mc Korley said “This contract has nothing to do with politics, it is all about development. Right now, as we speak over 200 youth are working in this concession, they will make money at the end of the day , they will be off the streets.

“Anybody who is really against this project or who wants to give bad publicity about this project, I don’t think the person loves Ghana.

“Which project will you get like this, which is going to employ 1000 youths in this community and you give it bad publicity? Then you don’t love Ghana.

“Every time we are crying that we need jobs, job had arrived and because of somebody’s selfish interest interest, you will give bad publicity about this project. Then what about me the investor who is about pumping 106million dollars in the first phase of this project?”

1m Tonnnes in 1 year
5m Tonnes in 3 years


500 full time
2000 casuals

1 year 3000 jobs
3 years 6000 jobs for industrial plant and across the value chain.

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By Laud Nartey||Ghana


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