Sadia will tell our story… through different Ghanaian languages and cultures

On Friday 08 December, we officially launched our uniquely Ghanaian Soap Opera — Sadia — which premieres on TV3, today Monday 10th December 2017 at 8PM on TV3. Overwhelmingly, the general public is excited about having an authentic and refined Ghanaian alternative to the plethora of foreign telenovelas that have flooded TV channels in Ghana.

Sadia is one of our biggest projects to date and speaks to Media General’s commitment, as Ghana’s leading media organisation, to promote local content and lead a call to action to drive change in the industry — by promoting our very own.

Since the launch on Friday, we have been highly commended by different stakeholder groups and the general public for taking this bold step not only to promote local content on TV3, but also to give to give opportunities to the Ghanaian creative arts industry.
We have had some amazing suggestions and comments, especially on Social Media, to include different languages to tell a holistic Ghanaian story. These comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated — majority of them are already part of the plot and will be revealed as the story unfolds

Sadia is a 100 episode Soap Opera produced by Ghanaians for Ghanaians. It embodies our rich culture and uses languages from different parts of the country to tell a compelling Ghanaian story.
Viewers are assured of a riveting drama series that will capture their hearts and tell their story.
Catch Sadia every Monday and Tuesday at 8PM on Ghana’s leading free-to-air television, TV3 and follow the conversation on Social Media with #Sadia


Richard Ahiagble (Group Head – Corporate Affairs)

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