Sad seeing school children learning under trees whilst MPs drive V8s – Martha Ankomah

Sad seeing school children learning under trees whilst MPs drive V8s - Martha Ankomah
Martha Ankomah

Ghanaian actress, Martha Ankomah, has lamented the sad state of school infrastructure in the country. According to her, it is heartbreaking to see school children sitting under trees learning whilst MPs drive in luxurious public-funded V8 cars.

In an interview with Accra FM, Martha Ankomah expressed her disappointment with the state of rural schools, which she attributed to poor leadership.

“Our problem is actually leadership, not just politicians in Ghana, but the whole of African. The problem is leadership.”

She added that Ghana is blessed with all the resources. Yet, the country is poor, but a country like Dubai has only oil but is very developed.

“If Dubai extracts only oil and has been able to develop its country. And Ghana, God has blessed us with all resources, including oil. And yet, we are poor. Then there is no need for other countries to borrow money from Ghana because it is very

“Ghana was gifted with everything on earth, but our problem is leadership. And if our leaders are going to change their mindset and have a love for the country, then Ghana would be a better place to be. I feel sad when I see school children under tress learning and MPs drive in V8 sharing goats, chickens and bicycles during elections”.

Martha Ankomah pleaded with government officials, especially lawmakers, to prioritise the country’s needs over personal satisfaction.

“Do something for someone to say this MP really worked. He constructed roads, not the MP that did nothing whiles school children are learning under trees. Good name, the Bible says, is better than riches,” she concluded.

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By Gladys Cudjoe||Ghana