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Sack and prosecute Boakye Agyarko over failed new Ameri deal – Copec

The Chamber of Petroleum Consumers (COPEC) Ghana is demanding the dismissal and prosecution of Energy Minister Boakye Agyarko over the failed Ameri novation agreement.

Recent developments surrounding the agreement, which was taken to parliament two weeks ago for approval, has generated public outcry as it is considered to be worse than the original one signed by the previous government in 2015 that was highly criticized.

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While in opposition, the New Patriotic Party claimed the original deal was inflated by over 150 million dollars and vowed to either abrogate or renegotiate it when it wins power.

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Consequent to that, the Akufo-Addo administration on assuming office took steps to renegotiate the deal and presented same to parliament for approval but a number of concerns raised prompted the House to request for further details on the now AMERI Novation and Amendment Bill.

The passage of the AMERI Novation and Amendment Bill will mean the $510 million Ameri deal will be extended from its original five years to 15 years with the government committing over $700 million to it.

But before the details could be provided, it emerged parties to the original agreement had not approved the new deal as claimed by the Energy Ministry.

The President Nana Akufo-Addo was also said to have been misled in granting executive approval for the new bill which paved the way for the Energy Minister to take the bill to parliament.

These events and others have forced the government to withdraw the agreement.

But COPEC in a statement that raised eight critical questions, has asked President Akufo-Addo to sack his Energy Minister and the Ministry’s communicators and prosecute them on the basis of the fall out of the failed deal.

“We therefore call upon the president to urgently fire or sack the Energy minister and it’s communicators and prosecute them,” the statement signed by Sampson Addae said.

Read the full statement below

Mr President, sack the Energy Minister.

The defense by the energy Ministry and it’s communicators for the Ameri novation agreement leaves well-meaning Ghanaians shocked as more fundamental questions spring forth and beg for answers.

Pertinent among these mind boggling questions begging for answers are as follows:

  1. Why will any individual prepare a novation amendment agreement to buy out Ameri Energy and hand it to a third party


  1. What prompted the said individual to prepare such document and present it to the president?


  1. Has the said individual ever succeeded in presenting a scandalized document to the president and it went through.


  1. How did the said individual arrive at choosing Mytilineos International Trading Company and not any other company?


  1. Why has the country defaulted in outstanding payment of 82,660,560.00 of which Ameri is ready to take a legal action against the state.


  1. Could it also be said that the president was also misled into believing the lies on contaminated fuel saga when the evidence was clear.
  1. Again could it also be said that the president was also misled into believing the 1.8 million barrels of crude which the country lost about $5.6 million when it was sold?


  1. Was the president misled to sack the board of Ghana cylinder manufacturing company (GCMC) against the CEO?

The said individual can continue to mislead the president but cannot mislead COPEC to do their corrupt activities. We will also fight for the consumers by ensuring value for money auditing and expose corrupt officials.

We therefore call upon the president to urgently fire or sack the Energy minister and it’s communicators and prosecute them.


Sampson Addae

(Research, pricing and monitoring)


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