Saboteurs would be sanctioned; Chief of Staff warns chief directors

Frema Osei Opare[/caption] The Chief of Staff, Frema Osei Opare has warned chief directors not to sabotage ministers pushing through government policies and initiatives. Madam Frema Osei Opare sternly warned that chief directors found culpable will be severely sanctioned. The chief of staff issued the warning during the signing of the performance assessment for chief directors of the ministries. She indicated, government will not witch-hunt any chief director but provide them with resources to work with, but stressed on the need for them to support their respective ministers in executing government’s agenda. “Do not sabotage or hide things from them,” she told the chief directors, pointing out the need for them to “build confidence” to ensure “transparency” in their dealings with the ministers. She also asked them to improve on their work and performance for this year. “We shall not tolerate non-performance,” Madam Frema Osei Opare stating that non-performance has “heavily cost the nation” in the past. Minister for Monitoring and Evaluation, Dr. Akoto Osei charged his colleague ministers to be time conscious to improve on government operations. He requested the chief directors to promptly ask for their subvention from the ministry of finance. Source: | Ghana]]>

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