SA parliament fire suspect faces terrorism charge

State prosecutors added a charge of terrorism against Zandile Mafe on Monday

South Africa’s prosecuting authorities have added a charge of terrorism against the man accused of setting the country’s parliament alight last week.

The suspect is appearing in a Cape Town court to apply for bail.

Zandile Mafe has made his second court appearance following his arrest a week ago for allegedly setting the parliament on fire.

He was initially charged with two counts of arson, house breaking and theft.

Prosecutors allege that Mr Mafe was found in possession of explosive devices and have charged him under a law aimed at protecting essential infrastructure in the country.

Mr Mafe’s lawyer, Luvuyo Godla, says that his client is being made a scapegoat and wants him to be released on bail.

The additional charge of terrorism is considered a Schedule Six crime in South Africa, one of the most serious, and may see Mr Mafe’s request for bail denied.

Source: BBC

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