Russian Embassy denies aiding pro-Wagner rally in W/R


The Embassy of the Russian Federation has denied any connection to a recent rally by a group of young men at Diabene in the .

“It must be emphasized that the Embassy of the Russian Federation on the Republic of , as well as the other government's agencies have no connection to the above-mentioned unauthorised gathering,” the Embassy stated in a rebuttal on Wednesday, September 20.

Three young men, aged between 23 and 26, led a march on Sunday, August 13 to offer support for Russian mercenary group Wagner.

But they were and paraded before a Takoradi Harbour Circuit Court. They have since been granted bail.

In its rebuttal statement, the Embassy said it reported to the immediately it had hint of the gathering by the group.

It added that it warned about the use of national symbols of the Russian Federation during the rally.

“It should be noted that the Embassy was not involved, neither in spreading of Russian flags, shirts, placards, etc among the protestors, nor in establishing of any contacts with the possible sponsors of this unrest, including those ones from abroad,” it said.

It expressed confidence that Ghana's laws will “take the necessary measures to identify all those involved in this incident, and the court will take appropriate decisions to bring them to justice”.

It assured that the Embassy acts in strict adherence with the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, “focusing on building mutually respectful relations with the Ghanaian partners in the interests of the peoples of the two countries”.


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