Root Eye: I broke my virginity with a 'sister' 10 years older than me

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One of Ghana’s foremost dancehall and reggae artistes cum radio personality, Root Eye, has revealed his virginity was broken by a “sister” who was 10 years older than him at the time.
According Root Eye who hosts Campus Rocks, an evening student-oriented show on 3FM 92.7 in Accra, the said lady was the same person who he had his first kiss with, noting that he owes everything he knows about sex to the lady.
Born Kwasi Nyarko-Ofei, Root Eye [RE] had an up-close and personal chat 3News’ Nana Afrane Asante [NA] for this week’s personality profile.
Read the full intriguing chat between them.

NA: What motivates you?
RE: The desire to make a difference and to impact people’s lives and see a change in society motivates me. I want to see things change and anomalies corrected.
NA: What are your hobbies?
RE: I love to read and I don’t know if it’s a hobby but I read with the intent of learning and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a text book but it could be any literature I lay my hands on. I love to watch movies, sing and write songs
NA: What do you do to relax?
RE: On a good day when I really want to relax and feel comfortable, I love to have great sex, drink a little alcohol and watch a good movie
NA: Favourite music?
RE: I’m a die hard, hardcore, staunch reggae fanatic. Reggae and dancehall is just my kind of music. I also love to listen to music that is hard to find these days.
NA: First kiss?
RE: I had this sister who was ten years older than me but she had a crush on me. I think she had some weakness for skinny guys and she used to kiss me a lot
NA: First car?
RE: My first car was a cute Ford Fiesta I bought in 2001
NA: First job?
RE: My first job was a job with Afro Jam records which was a record company in Ghana and Jamaica and I used to be in charge of distribution that was in 1995.
NA: Favorite fashion item?
RE: I love shoes and sunglasses
NA: Favorite radio and TV station?
RE: It’s obvious because it has always been TV3 from day one and before 3fm it used to be vibe fm which is no more so now it’s 3fm, a radio station I can listen to from morning and never get tired.
NA: Favorite sport?
RE: I love soccer
NA: Favourite family member?
RE: My favourite family member should be my nephew Kobby. I just love him.
NA: Favorite team?
RE: Okwahu United
NA: Favorite player?
RE: My all time favourite footballer and not only for his skill but for his personality and the human being that he is should be Stephen Appiah.
NA: Favorite food?
RE: Fufu and palm nut soup
NA: Favorite place of holiday
RE: What would u have done if u didn’t get into journalism?
NA: First thing you do when u wake up?
RE: I’m going to be very honest but the first thing I do is reach for my phone before something just tells me I haven’t prayed.
NA: Last thing you do before you go to bed?
RE: I say a prayer before I lay me to sleep.
NA: Who’s your ideal kind of woman?
RE: A very simple, down to earth, reasonable because a reasonable being understands that respect is very important because when you earn it when you also offer respect to others.
NA: When did you break your virginity?
RE: I broke my virginity with the same lady I had my first kiss with. She taught me everything I know about sex.
NA: What do u miss about your younger years?
RE: I miss the times I used to play in my neighborhood at kotobabi with my peers. We were a bunch of kids who would do all the naughty things even though we knew what the right things were and so after doing all the naughty things we will still go back and do the right things.
Nana Afrane Asante||Ghana

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