Role and job of Ministers, Church Leaders, and their wives in Church growth and dev't

THEME: Serving as Aquila and Priscilla did  TEXT (S): Acts 18:26; John 14:12; Eph. 4:7-16. TOPIC: The role and job of Ministers, Church Leaders, and their wives in Church growth and development. INTRODUCTION The role and job of Ministers and Church Leaders can never achieve any better results and fruit if we fail to learn from the example of Jesus Christ (the ultimate Leader and Head of the Church), and Apostle Paul, (the greatest New Testament leader and builder of the Church among the gentile world), and together with their wives learn from the example of Aquila and Priscilla. The growth and development of every Church largely depends on the Minister or the Church Leader. Dr. John Maxwell posits that everything rises and falls by the leader. He, the Church leader or Minister is the key to Church growth and development. In John 14:12 and Ephesians 4:11-16 Jesus Christ and the Apostle Paul made clear distinction between the role and job of Ministers and Leaders of the Church which calls for close examination for effective and fruitful work in the kingdom business. For the sake of sound theological exposition, let me try to show the big difference between a Minister and a leader in their roles for promoting Church growth and development. 1.0 A Church Minister is one with the call of God endowed with grace, spiritual, and ascension gifts to work for the growth of the Church through preaching the gospel to win souls, teaching to disciple members, and praying to impart gifts and address the needs and problems of members (Mathew 4:23; Mark 1:16-17; 16:15-17). A church Minister shepherds and cares for the flock of God as well as the wife. If they do it sacrificially and selflessly well they add to the growth of the Church. 2.0 Jesus Christ and Paul shortlisted the job of Church Leaders as shepherding , equipping, training, mentoring, and building up the disciples to multiply growth as they multiply themselves in the people around them to become leaders (John 14:12b; John 21:15-17; Acts 20:28; Eph. 4:11-16). Let participants try to explain Jesus Christ’s role and job for ministry and leadership in John 14:12 for brief exposition In this job of equipping, we have different roles to get the job done to multiply ourselves in other Leaders. (Read 1 Cor.4:1-2,16,17; 11:1; 2 Tim. 2:1-8; Eph.6:10-18). 2.1 The role of a Leader/ Minister as a servant (2 Pe.1:1; Tit.1:1) 2.2 The role of the Leader as father of all. 2.3 The role of the Leader/ Minister as a teacher 2.4 The role of the Leader/Minister as a shepherd 2.5 The role of the Leader/ Minister as a farmer 2.6 The role of the Leader/Minister as a soldier 2.7The role of the Leader/ Minister as an athlete & coach 2.8The role of the Leader/Minister as mentor

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WHAT THEN IS CHURCH LEADERSHIP? 2.1 It is a God-given grace and calling with abilities to mobilize members to do exactly what God has commissioned him to do to bring holistic growth and development. 2.2 A leader is someone who knows the road or way very well and is able to guide others along it to its destination – (Apostle Dr. Alfred Koduah). 2.3 Leadership is influence, nothing more nothing less-John C. Maxwell. 2.4 The Church has no financial problems but vision and leadership problems- adapted from Rick Warren (emphasis  mine). What then are the requirements for effective and fruitful ministry? 1.0 Knowledge and faith in Jesus Christ (John 6:29,40; 14:12; 17:3; Php. 3:10) 2.0 Knowledge of the Bible (2 Tim. 2:15; 3:15-17) 3.0 Being filled and full of the Holy Spirit (Acts 6:1-3; Eph.4:11-16). 4.0 The grace and call of God to service and leadership (Ro.1:5; 1 Cor. 15:9-10; Eph. 3:7-8). Let participants search for the number of times Paul used the virtue grace in Ephesians, define grace: “God’s empowering presence on a believer in Christ that enables him to become who God created to be, and to do what He called to do”. Grace is therefore an unmerited favor of God. 5.0 Learning from mature Christian leaders and mentors (1 Co. 4:16-17; 11:1) 6.0 Identifying, developing and using all your God-given gifts, talents and potentials. 7.0 The desire, determination, patience, and perseverance to grow in the Christ-like character, attitude, power and anointing, and good works through challenges and for the kingdom work. With due reference to your theme: “Serving as Aquila and Priscilla”, whether in ministry or leadership, my little contribution shall be based on the fact that all effective and fruitful ministry depends on strong godly foundations of the married couple in Church work. The level of maturity of the Minister to lead a sound godly marriage life and family is key to successful and fruitful ministry/ Leadership in God’s kingdom. The maturity if the Minister’s wife in playing complementary roles like Priscilla is a great boost for holistic Church growth and development. However since not all ministers’ wives have strong ministerial roles in Church, all effort must be put in place by Ministers to help their wives play their roles with respect to proper domestic management, and using their talents, gifts and skills for the benefit of the Church. Wives who are not working must be well resourced to keep them fit for the high standard as the mother of the Church. The minister must first minister to his wife daily and share issues of welfare of their present and the future to make them very secure and supportive.
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By Apostle Emmanuel Achim Gyimah Kaneshie Area Head of The Church of Pentecost THIS WAS FIRST DELIVERED AT MINISTERS AND WIVES CONFERENCE AT ADAMS FOR CHRIST MINISTRIES INC. ON 30TH MARCH, 2017 (8:30 am- 1:30 pm).  ]]>


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