Rocky Dawuni is talking too much – Koka

Rocky Dawuni is talking too much – Koka
Koka and Rocky Dawuni

Kwaku Asiedu, popularly known as Koka, has expressed displeasure about the Rocky Dawuni-Stonebwoy-Grammy saga playing out in the public space. He blamed the ongoing fracas on the two-time Grammy nominee’s ‘lose talks’.

According to entertainment analyst Koka, Rocky Dawuni’s communications team should have been steering the conversations from the onset. Instead, they have allowed the international artiste to grant unwholesome interviews causing all these issues.

“If I am managing him and I do any loose talk, it will be about me. It will have nothing to do about him. But when you are the person, you are the brand generating the conversations, it becomes something else. Remember… whatever he is not happy with is in his head. So when I go for an interview, and you ask me a question, and you don’t ask me the questions the way I want you to, the answer I give will be different from the answer I give to a different person. And then communication varies. Then you are having issues.”

Koka also prospered solutions on Simply Showbiz to the unseemly mess created. And urged Rocky Dawuni’s team to take hold of the conversation for maximum benefit and impact.

“Rocky Dawuni is talking too much. If Rocky Dawuni is in America, you can’t call him on his cellphone for an interview. You will go through his management team. But here, anyone can call his phone.

“If his PR team had issued a communique, all these things would have been resolved. But he is talking too much. And you see, it is taking away the most important aspect of getting the right conversations,” he concluded.

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By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana