Rise in coconuts spots in Accra

Coconut selling is a trade most Ghanaian youth are familiar with. The trade in recent times has become one of the fast growing fruits trade in the country which many have cashed in and made it a full time business venture. Venturing into the business does not demand a big capital. With as little as 50 cedis, one is set to begin a coconut business. On 3FM’s special feature, we encountered a young man who has been in the business for more than a decade. Robert Atsipto a resident of Accra started selling coconut in the 90s on the usual head pan then moved to the traditional truck. Through the years he has defiled all odds in the business to set up a stationed wooden structure. The joint is named Greenland Coconut spot. Ten years down the lane the business has grown to become one of the favorite coconut spots in Accra. According to Robert, the business started somewhere 1996 “but when I realized I have to move forward in life I set up this coconut spot then in 2009. I added other fruits to the coconut”. On a typical day the seller says he earns good proceeds from the fruits business. “Patronage is good on the average. It doesn’t matter where your business is located. If it’s good your customers will find you were ever your business is located.” Mango, water melon, pawpaw, banana, pineapple orange and guava are the dominant fruits available at the spot with options from smoothies and fruit salads. Wondering how he preserve the fruits to keep it fresh, the seller stated that  the fruits are mainly purchased immediately when brought to the shop and does not keep fruits for more than three days. As a rising entrepreneur, Robert has plans to expand his coconut and fruit selling business to other regions in the country. Coconut as it is known is always in season and have enormous health benefits.

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By Sarah Oboh/3FM 92.7/3news.com]]>