Right mindset is needed to make it in life not money – Oscar Bimpong

A managing director of the Train2inspire Consultancy, Mr. Oscar Bimpong has debunked the erroneous assertion that it takes money to become successful in life.

According to the successful author and corporate trainer, the majority of Ghanaians have a warped mindset about wealth and success. He disclosed that it would only take the right mindset and attitude to make it in life.

He made these revelations when he joined Roselyn Feli on Prime Morning.

“You don’t need money to make money; you need the right mindset to make money. You need the right idea to make money. How do you attract it? Honesty is one of the greatest currencies you can use to attract anything you want, but in our society, a lot of people are not honest,” he disclosed

He further admonished people to work on their mindsets because contrary to popular belief, their skills and abilities may not be able to pitch them to self-actualization.

“It’s about time we work on our minds. If we don’t work on our minds, sometimes our skills and abilities will never take us anywhere.”

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Mr Bimpong also used the avenue to proffer solutions to people who due to one or two failures had reclined in life and were not deliberate in pursuing their dreams.

He said the conscious mind only makes up about 5% of the mind hence it was a challenge for most people to utilize it.

“We’ve got the conscious and the subconscious mind. Your conscious mind is your wishes and desires in life. The subconscious mind is what I refer to as the memory bank. It’s from the day you were born till now. Every episode you’ve had in life is stored in the subconscious mind,” he said.


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