Ricketts-Hagan pays visit to flood victims in Cape Coast


The Member of Parliament for Cape Coast South Constituency, George Kweku Ricketts-Hagan on Friday, June 17 paid a passionate visit to some flooded areas in his constituency following the heavy downpour.

The law maker out of zest and compassion walked through the heavy rains to the various homes of victims.

Some of these victims, living around various and respective dispersed areas under his jurisdiction like Menyamewu, Ekon, London Bridge, Yawda Guam and Kroo Town were devoured by heavy rains and ruined their items worth millions of Ghana Cedis.

Whilst some were displaced on the verge of being carried away by the rains, others too got their buildings completely brought down.

Some of the victims are medical practitioners, students of various senior high schools, market women, business owners, workers from different institutions and teachers, among others

The law maker, popularly known by his constituents as Kweku B3y3, could not only hold his tears but empathize with them in their current states.

He talked passionately with them and promised to support them with some relief items, assuring them to fix some of their broken walls, construct some drains through the appropriate and mandated authorities established by laws and statutes by standing in strongly as an intermediary between them and the authorities in question since that will holistically resolve their problems.

The Cape Coast South MP further emphasized that “there are banks of rains yet to pour out, so we ought to do things right to prevent future occurrences, especially those in flood prone areas”.

The lawmaker chanced on a such golden opportunity to advise all and sundry to avoid building in a muddy areas and stop engaging in activities that might result in such calamities.

Hon. George Kweku Ricketts-Hagan expressed deeply his worry about a stark erosion on the sea shores of Ekon community, a suburb of his constituency, and called on the government to immediately come to their aid by extending the ongoing sea defence project in the area.

This he told Onua FM‘s reporter Kwame Kakraba, in an interview.

The MP was accompanied by his Constituency officer, the Chairman, Secretary, Communication Officer, Woman Organiser and her Deputy, the Youth Organiser, Deputy Secretary and large number of branch executives, the Assembly Members from the areas, and the office staffs of the MP.

“It is, indeed, a worthy step by the MP and we say Ayekoo! At least your constituents acknowledge your caring, passionate, compassionate and reliable nature of you.”

Source: 3news.com|Ghana


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