Review some of the structures we built if… – Onyinah to new Church of Pentecost chairman

Apostle Prof. Opoku Onyinah

Outgoing Chairman of the Church of Pentecost Apostle Professor Opoku Onyinah has vowed not to interfere in the work of the upcoming administration to be led by Apostle Eric Nyamekye.

“I will exit when the time comes. I will not interfere with whatever and wherever the LORD leads him.”

Apostle Nyamekye, who until Thursday was the Koforidua Area Head, was elected as the new Chairman of the Church of Pentecost for an initial five-year tenure at the 43rd General Council Meeting.

He will officially take over from Apostle Prof Onyinah in August.

Speaking at the end of the Meeting on Friday, Apostle Prof Onyinah underscored how “very demanding and challenging” the work is.

“But I can assure him that the LORD will continue to be with him,” he assured.

On his part, he said, he will pray and morally encourage Apostle Nyamekye “in his presence and absence”.

The first International Missions Director (IMD) of Pentecost admonished the Chairman-elect to have the courage to review all the structures and policies introduced during his 10-year chairmanship.

“Whatever the LORD leads him to do, he should feel free to do it even if it needs breaking down some of the structures we have built or put up.

“He should have the courage to do it,” he stressed.

Aps Prof Onyinah’s chairmanship has seen the toning down of some Pentecost rules regarding dressing like the covering of the head by the women and the wearing of trousers.

In 2010, the Church took a decision asking old members not to deter new members who had no head covering. Men with dreadlocks were also not to be prevented from attending church services.

It stated that women should fashion their hairstyles in a decent, modest and appropriate manner to glorify God.

The church, however, frowns on the wearing of seductive or sexually provocative dress and the leaving of cleavage, in the case of women.

The outgoing leader expressed belief that some structures do not last forever and they may have been introduced for a purpose.

“I believe that God uses people for a period and puts up structures for specific purposes.”

By Emmanuel Kwame Amoh||Ghana

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