Revealed! What men want in a woman

#1 A gorgeous woman Now don’t get us wrong, looks are pretty high in the wishlist of things that men want in a woman. But a drop dead gorgeous woman doesn’t really have to be born with a perfectly chiseled face and body crafted by the hands of the big guy on top when he’s high. Some of the most gorgeous women on earth are not really pretty if you look at their features, but then again, they’re gorgeous. In reality, it’s all about how comfortable you are with your own body. Wear clothes that look good on you, and make an effort to look your best when you’re with him. You could be fat or skinny, but as long as you put in an effort, you’ve got all the makings of a movie star, gorgeous! #2 A confident woman We can’t stress this enough, but just understanding this one pointer can change a proverbial ugly duckling into the most beautiful princess overnight. There’s nothing more beautiful in a woman than her confidence. Note this, we said confidence, not cockiness. Confidence is such a turn on in a woman, and men are suckers for it, even if they don’t realize it themselves. Can you handle yourself well no matter where you are? Can you talk to five men at once and still hold the reins of the conversation? A confident woman is awe inspiring and to a certain extent, intimidating. If there’s anything that men want in a woman, this is it. A confident woman can be beautiful, strong, determined and everything else rolled up into one, just as long as she makes up her mind.

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#3 A woman who can take control Men love it when they’re the “man” in the relationship. They like wearing the pants and they want to feel like they have the final say. Considering their epic egos, it’s understandable they want to be the one to steer the relationship forward. A woman who’s overly dominating could even jeopardize the relationship and make a man shrivel up where it matters. But that really doesn’t mean you should avoid taking control now and then. Men like it when a woman tells her man to sit back while she make all the decisions. Believing in each other’s capabilities is important. And when a man truly believes his woman is capable of doing anything he can do (perhaps even better), he’ll only respect her more and love her for the fact that she still wants him to take a lead in their lives together. #4 A woman who makes her man look good Do you make your man look good? Now we don’t mean this in an accessory or arm candy way though. Do you stand up for your man in public no matter what? A knight loves rescuing a damsel in distress, but at times, the knight would be grateful for a rescue too. Brag about him when you’re out with friends, avoid bitching about him or correcting him in front of other people, and let him do the same for you. #5 An independent woman While a relationship is about bonding and spending time together, it’s also a lot more about growing as individuals. Become a better person every single day, and help him along the path too. Spend some time by yourselves or with your own friends, and learn to give space in a relationship. Men like a woman in need, but they hate needy women. If there’s an issue you can deal with yourself, don’t ring your man and ask him to come over. In fact, he’d respect you more if you’re someone he can come to for help!
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#6 A freak in bed Psst… this is a quiet one, but we assure you, men love a woman who knows her moves in bed. Don’t be afraid to dominate your man in bed. That’s something men want in a woman. Have you ever caught your man staring at a hot girl doing something dirty on MTV? Gee, wonder what fascinated him so much. [Read: What men want in bed] Most men may not be so vocal about their interests in bed, but they would absolutely love a woman who’s confident in bed. Be this woman, and he won’t be able to keep his hands off you! #7 A desirable woman All men want to be with this woman, and all women want to be this woman. Have you seen her? Well, she’s inside you waiting to come out! You may not realize this, but the secret to being a desirable woman is less about how you look and more about how you carry yourself and feel inside. Men love it when their woman can walk across a crowded hall, chitchat with a few people and become the cynosure of everyone around in an instant. Chris De Burgh had the lady in red, now who are you going to be? #8 A strong and determined woman Do you occasionally take up pet projects and leave them unfinished? Or do you make up your mind to do something in the morning and forget all about it by nightfall? A woman who’s fickle minded will not inspire anyone, nor will she be taken seriously by the people around her. On the other hand, if you’re a woman who puts her money where her mouth is, and never backs away from a challenge, your man would be inspired by you. It’s not easy to be a determined wonder woman, but if that’s what you are, hey, you’re his new role model. And quite frankly, there’s nothing more complimenting than knowing that your man wants to be more like you, is there? #9 A happy woman What men want in a woman in happiness. Happiness is a great thing. It can be so refreshing and fun, and can make lives so much better. Men love a woman who can look at the bright side of life. Of course, the man should be a happy guy too. Can you get along with his family happily without really throwing a hissy fit? Would you welcome your man back home with a happy smile when he’s been out with his friends on his fortnightly boys’ night out? Men love a cheerful, happy woman who can bring the fresh, citrusy sunshine into their lives. Boys are burly, girls are sugar and spice and everything nice. Men like it just the way it sounds. Don’t change that and your man will love you for it.
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#10 A woman who makes him a better man Everyone knows why the other person in a relationship is called the better half of the relationship. It’s not an empty compliment. It’s meant to be true. Do you help your man become a better individual by helping him correct his flaws and shortcomings? Be a good listener and understand what’s really going on in his life. Help him with his big decisions when he asks you for advice. Spend time with him and help him realize his dreams and aspirations. Make him a better man and he’ll love you, respect you, and desperately want you all his life. What do men want in a woman? Now that you know what men want in a woman, see where you stand and work your way to becoming the perfect woman that your man wants. But at the same time, remember that he should make an effort to be the best man he can be too. There’s no point if all the effort is one sided. If he’s not trying to be even half the man he can be, perhaps it’s time you look for a greener pasture. Note: After understanding these tips on what men want in a woman, it’s pointless to be with a man who can’t love you and respect you back for the great woman that you are. Source lovepanky]]>