Residents threaten to stone politicians over poor roads

Residents of Kunyevila, Gbanbaya and Dungu Kukuo in the Sagnarigu District of the Northern Region have resolved to stone any politician who comes to the town to campaign due to the poor road network which has led to the death of some residents.
They have also vowed to demonstrate over similar concerns on bad roads which link the communities to the Tamale Metropolis.
They have issued threats to change their voting pattern in 2016 if work on the road does not begin in earnest.
Abdul Gafaru is still nursing cuts after an accident on the stretch whiles Meili  Mohammed is also recovering from a broken leg after a a tricycle carrying she and her goods fell into the ditch.
He said “the motorking threw me and a friend off after falling into the ditch, now I can’t go to the market and can’t pay school fees in this condition”.
Residents have sworn to stone any politician who dares step foot to campaign as they declare no road no campaign.
“Any politician who dares step foot here will not return alive, we will not take the deceit any longer” he added.
Residents in these three communities are predominantly farmers. Maize is the main cultivated crop alongside cattle rearing.
The women have taken to petty trading but the absence of a market has forced them to trade in the Tamale main and Aboabo markets.
However, the women have abandoned their trade in recent times due to the unpredicted rains for their safety.
A bridge constructed to serve as water way has rather become a death trap. The poor road network is also dangerous to ply in the rainy season.
Azara  Alhassan, a trader met her untimely death Sunday 24 July,  2016 when she was returning from the market.
But almost a month on, work is yet to commence on the stretch. This has forced residents to take to the street to drum home their plights.
“A woman died here almost one month ago, two persons have been involved in accidents due to the road, should we continue to die before they fix the road” on resident queried.
Erosion has created a ditch just by the bridge which has compounded the fears of residents.
Commercial vehicles have decline to ply the road leaving residents with no choice than to engage the services of tricycles.
An elder and spokesperson of the Chief of Kunyevila,  Silim-boba Naa said “the Chief of Kunyevila says no campaign in the area unless the road is fixed”
By Zubaida Ismail|TV3|Ghana
Twitter: @3newsgh

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