Residents live in fear as Bole Dam overflows its boundaries


Residents and motorists within the Bole township of the fear the dilapidated state of the Bole dam has become a time bomb waiting to explode.

According to residents of the community, the dam has become inaccessible due to its sorry and risky state.

The dam which is located on the Bole-Techiman highway has eaten up portions of the road forcing pedestrians and motorists to fight for the remaining portion of the road.

However, on Wednesday dawn, 19th September,2023, the dam overflowed its boundaries flooding the road and the homes of residents nearby.

Some residents have expressed worry that if government and town authorities fail to intervene, any downpour could lead to the collapse of the bridge on the dam and make the Bole township and the Upper West region inaccessible to travelers from the southern part of the country.

Mariam Abdul-Rahma, a resident around the dam said “we couldn't sleep yesternight. All our homes were filled with water. The dam became full and flowed across the road into our houses. We pray government comes to our aid. If not, the bridge here will collapse just like the one in Doli and we the residents here cannot go to town to ply our

A bus conductor, Adams Alpha added “it is very risky to use a on this road. The water has eaten into portions of the road, so when we get here we have to slow down. Bole links to the Upper West region and and all the long trucks use this stretch, so we plead with the government to intervene for us”.

By Issah Zakariah//

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